Looking to book your room at Lowes Royal Pacific Hotel?


Orlando fosters a heritage of creative thinking that sparks imagination and brings wizardry to life.

But in reality, when you come to Orlando you will find a world-class business destination and a global center of technology. Come step outside the box and soak up the sunshine where reality is even more amazing than magic.


In reality Orlando has evolved into the number one vacation destination in the U.S. with luxury hotels, award winning restaurants and amazing entertainment. 


But in reality you may never wish to venture from Loews Royal Pacific where all sessions, exhibits, and accommodations will be just an elevator commute from your luxury room. The meeting space brings the outdoors inside with expansive windows and tropical decor.


Loews Royal Pacific is on the grounds of Universal Orlando™ in the heart of Universal Drive Resort district  with over 80 unique attractions within easy reach by walking or water taxi, including theme parks, golf courses, restaurants, clubs and live entertainment. 

Orlando is centrally located in the Americas and is a popular destination for travelers from Canada, Latin and South America, as well as Asia / Oceania.