On behalf of HUPO and US HUPO, we are pleased to announce the return of the HUPO World Congress to the Americas. Information will be added to this web site as it becomes available.  We look forward to greeting you in Orlando - but why Orlando?

Orlando International is one of the most advanced airports in the world featuring the largest network of flights in North and South America and 54 nonstop international destinations.

We have secured a spectacular hotel location where we will tackle the "Wizardry of Precision Proteomics" among the palm trees and fun of the Loew's Royal Pacific in the Universal Orlando® complex. Within Universal Orlando® you will find an array of restaurants and entertainment within easy reach. Most importantly, all sessions and exhibits will be an "elevator commute" from your hotel room.


Watch our video about Orlando presented at the 2017 meeting in Dublin. We hope this will awaken your interest in joining us in Orlando next year!

We look to greeting you in Orlando for HUPO 2018.