Workshops at HUPO 2018

Pre-congress workshops are offered on Sunday, September 30. There will also be a post-congress HPP Day on Thursday, October 4. Each workshop has a fee. Congress attendees may register for a workshop after registering for the congress. Simply return to online registration and select 'Not registering for conference with this order'. You can then add a workshop.

HPP Investigators Meeting, Sunday, September 30, 9 am - 3:30 pm [View Agenda]
The next Human Proteome Project Investigators Meeting will take place on September 30th, 2018 in Orlando. Executive reports on the activity of the chromosome-based teams, biology and disease-based teams, and the resource pillars will be delivered. Open debates on strategic issues including challenges and applications of affinity reagents, knowledge bases and data analysis resources, and new opportunities and challenges to explore the uncovered proteome from a functional perspective will be held. Interested registrants at the Congress are welcomed. View agenda for the HPP Investigators Meeting. Cost is $60.

ECR Mentoring Day on Sunday, September 30 (all-day) 
Early Career Researchers join forces to create a day of learning and mentoring for early career scientists. Cost is $100.

HPP Post-Congress Day on Thursday, October 4 (all-day) [View Agenda]
B/D HPP and C-HPP leaders will create a day-long program open to all who register for this workshop. Program will feature presentations on progress made during the past year and plans for the future. View agenda for HPP Post-Congress Day. Cost is $100.